My New Favorite Morning Drink (Besides Coffee)

The Sour Path is the Sweetest

lemonHimalayan salt

Here it is:

*8 oz warm/hot water

*Juice of 1 lemon

*1/8 tsp of sea salt (Himalayan, Celtic, Realsalt, etc.)

*Stevia if desired

Drink first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

That’s it! This drink does so many good things for your body.

Drinking 1/8 of a teaspoon of salt in your water helps it work better for hydrating every part of your body. I’ve tried many times in my life to “drink enough water” like I was supposed to. It never made me feel better and I had to go to the bathroom a lot. Now I know that it’s important to drink water with a bit of salt in it in order to get all of the benefits.  This is SO IMPORTANT if you have adrenal fatigue, which a lot of us do :). We drink too many cups of coffee to kick our adrenals…

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Food Pyramid

A Thinking Food Blog

Remember how we all (in the US) grew up on this beacon of healthfulness?

USDA_Food_PyramidWell, this graphic isn’t as holy as we all were taught. In fact, this graphic was heavily influenced by out-of-date science promoted by industries that it benefitted. Hey, Got Milk?

Thankfully, Harvard came out to fix these wrongs with an amazing plate graphic:
Plate Harvard

And, WOW, this seems more realistic! (Here is a Harvard-made pyramid graphic for those who prefer it):

But what are the new graphics really saying?
1) Limit fatty dairy products, red and processed meats, sugary products, and unhealthy flour products.
2) Drink alcohol in moderation, if at all, but drink lots of water, tea, and coffee.
3) Use nuts, alternative meats, and lean meats and fish as protein sources.
4) Eat lots of healthy vegetables (avoid unhealthy vegetables), healthy fats, and whole-grain

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Foods to Always Buy Organic (Even On a Budget!) FOOD No.5

u-VIB Blog

1D851A78-277A-4691-972D-23B507A1E297Adding organic food to your shopping cart can be expensive. That said, avoiding consuming chemical pesticides and hormones could help you to avoid damaging (and costly) future health problems. A 2012 Washington State University study demonstrated that environmental toxicants can have negative effects on not just an exposed animal but the next three generations of its offspring. Another recent study showed that Monsanto’s widely used herbicide formula Roundup destroys testosterone and ultimately leads to male infertility. More than 25 other diseases are also known to be linked to Roundup including DNA damage, birth defects, liver dysfunction, and cancer. How can you avoid putting toxic pesticides into your body? Buy organic foods whenever possible. If you are on a tight budget, you can prioritize your purchases based on this list.

5. Meat 45E9EF87-5A80-4E30-A28D-4479618D582A

If you eat meat, it’s important to be aware that conventional meat contains hormones, antibiotics, and pesticides. There are…

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Intermediate Inspiration

Chug Your Greens

Hi Chuggers,

I hope you enjoyed Beginner Bliss. Admittedly, it is a really simple recipe but I hope it helped you to feel less intimidated about drinking greens.

So I guess it is time to step up the game and introduce you to this green smoothie with more ingredients and it will taste even more amazinggg!


3 heads x Cos Lettuce

1 cup x Red Seedless Grapes

2 x Bananas

2 x Avocados

1 x Lemon (juiced)

1 handful x Wheatgrass (juiced)

Serves about 4-5 cups

I used to cut the Wheatgrass into tiny pieces and blend them straight into my green smoothies. But recently, I read that our bodies would not be able to digest and absorb all the nutrients with this method.

So, you should juice the wheatgrass beforehand to get the most out of it and add the wheatgrass shot into your blender along with the…

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Alternative Health:Arnica Cream

Atlas Mama

A little over a year ago my mother-in-law brought home something called Arnica cream. She told us about a friend who used it often on a sprain and shoulder pain and that this woman swore by its beneficial properties. It stayed around our house for awhile before I finally tried it: not on myself but on Will. Being a toddling 18 month old he was bumping his skull into things like it was a religion. To the point where every time my phone rang, I winced a little, preparing for what must be the call from the CSA after receiving a disturbing report from my sons daycare. Poor lad. One day, right after yet another smack to Wills brow, my mother-in-law hurriedly grabbed the arnica cream and had me rub it into his growing red spot. It my surprise, not only did his cries subside quicker, but no bump and…

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